Image by Lukasz Szmigiel


I align myself to the vibration of your being to channel your Akashic Records and help bring your past and future into the "now". The ultimate work is to identify and release anything you have created that blocks the realization of our oneness with source. 

Akasha is the permeating energetic substance from which all life is formed. The Akashic Records are the individual records of a soul from the time it leaves its point of origin until its return. At the time we make the decision to experience life as an independent soul, there is a field of energy created to record every thought, word, emotion, and action we generate. That field of energy is the Akashic Records.

Personal Readings

I will open your individual Akashic Records and work with your record keepers to provide information and answer questions.

Business Readings

I will open your individual Akashic Records for a project-focused reading and call on your business council in a strategy-focused integration session.

Schedule Your Session

Each 90-minute session is $200, consisting of an opening of records, reading, closing of records, and integration

Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

Alex M., Mindfulness Entrepreneur


Eli opened and held a very beautiful ceremony, and I received guidance from the record readers which was extremely in line with higher aspects of my Self. I’m in the middle of a challenging healing process and the information that the record readers gave to me instilled confidence in my self and my intuition while also giving me helpful guidance in the unfoldment of my process. I recommend Eli to anyone who is interested and would love to call upon his practice again in the future for guidance.