About Me

I focus on projects related to connection and empowerment and serve as a bridge between metaphysical and physical, strategy and execution, present and future, non-technical and technical. I'm from Brooklyn, NY but have since lived on every continent and am now I'm based on my forest oasis in Asheville, NC.


My design experience ranges from permaculture to UX. I operate at the root of design and have driven the design of digital and physical experiences at local and global scales.


My first professional training was as a strategy consultant, working for innovation consultancies with clients such as P&G, Samsung, Unilever, HP, and many more across the Americas and Asia-Pacific. 


Through my healing journey, I was called upon to do energy work and serve as a channel for Akashic realms. Now I bring multidimensional information into this time and place to help people make the connections. 


I was a full-stack engineer that has architected and managed primarily built with JavaScript and Ruby. I was a lead instructor at Le Wagon, where I taught over 200 students how to build apps.